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Social Care Courses

Prevention of Infection - 3 Hours
This infection control training course is designed for all staff working in the care environment. Individuals will gain an understanding of the importance of infection control measures, obligations and responsibilities that should be performed, demonstrate and explain hand washing techniques and have an understanding of maintaining a clean environment.

This course is delivered by our NHS Cleanliness Champion.

Medication Administration Awareness - 3 Hours
This awareness course is aimed at staff working in the care environment. It is in line with the National Minimum Standards Requirements and the recent CQC guidelines. The learner will gain an understanding of the legislation involved with drug administration and be able to follow procedures set for safe administration. The learner will also gain an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and security in all procedures of drug administration. 

Dementia Awareness - 3 Hours
This course is aimed at all staff working in the care environment who work with older people with dementia. A general understanding of the issues associated with dementia will be established. Attendees will gain knowledge of the signs and symptoms of dementia, some of the important early indicators, the three stages of dementia and diagnosis and treatment of dementia.
Safe Guarding of Vulnerable Adults- 3 Hours
This course is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of Safeguarding Vulnerable People. Staff completing this course will be ideally positioned to implement their company adult protection policy and procedures.
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